Monday Musings: Postylish 2

Vampires, before they were sparkly and sentimental super heroes… or Colin Farrel, they were noble, ancient, mysterious, sensual and lethal creatures.

Since I can’t introduce you to Polidori’s Lord Ruthven and since I don’t even want to offer you a sloppy attempt with Le Fanu’s Carmilla (even though I’ve been told “I imagine her like you”… I decided to take it as a compliment :D), I’ve decided that I will give my interpretation of this classic character, without annoying count Vlad Tepes nor countess Erzebeth Bathory.

What if I were a vampire? I’d be one of the few ones, we’d be all from noble families, greedy and selfish, that’s why we’re not making more vampires… Also because finding someone you want to create for eternity is something like impossible. Therefore I’d be eternally in a bad mood, disgusted by the behaviour of my own food. I’d have endless culture, since I have the eternity to keep me busy with, I’d indulge in cynical pleasures and conversations, sometimes sadistic or shallow too. But I’d always be frustrated, I’ll be feeling like something was missing, like I was crushed by eternal solitude. Sad, immortal and dangerous… an enjoyable combination… not in the least!

Ok, I’ll fess up, such a description sometimes reminds me of Pam from True Blood… but Pam needs no talk U_U

Enough chatting, here are the pics!

I just look like a bored goth? Well, if I were a vampire I wont go around showing it off… otherwise everybody would be running away!
And after all you can’t judge a vampire by its cover… but you can by her theeth!!!

When “bad pictures” are “good pictures” after all.

Face paler than usual (with a pretty rich base I managed, somehow, to apply The All Natural Face liquid foundation and set it with the powder one, from the same brand), eyes kept very simple, just a hint of pale yellow, to add up that sick feeling, which is always nice, no blush just contouring (the line isn’t that strong, it’s a combination of bones, makeup and lights that brings out that hollow!). It took me ages to paint the lips (I usually wear clear lipgloss when I feel like exagerating… go figure!), but they turned out just like I wanted: dark on the outside and red inside (like a roastbeef…).

Hair in a “perfect bun”, the picture isn’t perfect, but by “perfect bun” I mean the one that looks like a hair donut!

Lastly I want to leave you with a photo that I think is very representative of the kind of vampire I imagined to be, the one I’ve described above

What was it? “Sad, dangerous and lethal”? Yeah… right… XD Oh well, I really can’t “pose”. In those pictures where I’m serious I look like a very snobbish girl… though I really can’t look at a thingy set on “auto” and pull faces… I’m nutters!!!

This time too all the costume comes from my wardrobe, almost all the makeup is mineral (it’s a commitment, it takes small steps :) ) and I had so muc fun!
Here’s Giada’s version of this Postilish (randomly once a month, we’ve decided to upload a look, to play dressup and get a little out of the box 😉 ) I love it!!!

Please tell me we’re not the only ones so obsessed with (real) vampires?

Now please excuse me, I’m hungy.

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5 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Postylish 2

  1. goddessinspired

    Ma bellaaaaaa!!! Sembri uscita da Underworld! *_* Orsù, andiamo insieme a conquistare il mondo! Da maestra compiaciuta non posso lesinare complimenti sul contouring e in particolare sulle gradient lips, ma soprattutto ti invidio i denti, io non ne ho trovato di così belli e ho dovuto arrangiarmi coi miei, sigh sob! Per concludere, direi… Fuck Sookie! U_U

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