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I do not have a closet, I have a wardrobe, nonetheless this winter I read a lot of articles about shopping in your closet to answer the neverending “I have nothing to wear” issue, (while staring to a full loaded wardrobe) so this springtime (to be honest: a couple of weeks ago) I decided to give all these advices and tips a try.

It took me five hours, but I did it.

1) I took everything, yes folks, every single thing, out. Then cleaned racks and shelves.

2) I started “throwing away” stuff: following the articles I had three big bags: give away, toss and keep. I had to get rid of thing I didn’t wear in less than a year (I had stuff sitting in my wardrobe since five years at least…). This was quite easy, I had no pity.

3) Then I had to try on what was left… a bit boring to me, but this way I got rid of some more stuff… discoloured clothes, dull fitting ones &co.

4) Time to separate the “give away” stuff: I gave a bag to a younger girl I know, then I have two bags of clothes for goodwill and one bag of stuff I might sell

5) In the end I re-arranged what was left back in the wardrobe… still following the instructions from the articles I kept trousers together, skirts togheter, tshirts, tank tops and jumpers (well, these ones are in a big box… the articles I read suggested not to separate seasonal clothes, but my wardrobe isn’t that big and most of all we have winters with -10 C° and summers with +35 C° so there’s no point in keeping heavy jumpers around in june!).

6) One last suggestion from those articles is to try on all the possible combinations with your clothes, this way you’ll be able to spot new “outfits” without having to buy and spend money. I skipped this part, I was tired and bored and most of all my clothes have few colours (Black, gray, purple -to fuchsia-, green -to teal-, black again!) and they all match together.

In the end I’m happy with the result, my wardrobe is lighter and it’s full with stuff I do wear… ironically enough despite my late attempt to add more colour to my wardrobe what I need to buy now is a couple of black tops!

Going a little deeper (just a little): we can’t deny that clothing is an expression of personality (it happens to judge the book by its cover), add this to “less is more”… using only things you really wear may push you to a little more expressive effort… or at least it makes me feel like I’m not wasting stuff and space, and be able to donate, recycle (and yes, also earning a little money) it’s a nice thing!

Ok, after all these deep words of wisdom you are free to go and meditate with your head in your closet!

9 thoughts on “Shop Your Closet

  1. Rachel

    That photo reminds me so much of how I used to wrap different coloured pipe cleaners around my wire hangers when I was a kid… I've still got some of them actually!!!

  2. Euforilla

    @ Corinne: they always make you feel somehow new, isn't it?

    @ Rachel: I googled an how to right away after finding that picture! they look so cute!

  3. AleMadrid

    davvero un bel lavoro^^

    adoro quelle grucce, te ne commissionerò una… o magari provo a farle io…
    adesso che ho tempo XD

    bacini baciotti!

  4. Gem

    I need to do this! Especially since I'm going to be moving overseas in 2 months… I REALLY need to narrow my clothing options down to my favourite stuff that will fit in a suitcase, lol 😀

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