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Happy november! It’s my favourite month ^_^ Yes, despite all rain, fog and cold :)
Here’s what made me smile wide these last few days.
Where are your lists?

° my first papier mache mask: it’s creepy, like I wanted to, and it’s a great base, like I wanted to. But most of all it was great to work on it, when I do these DIY (isn’t this an understatement?) hours fly by and I’m there working, all crooked and splattered, whistling like a Disney princess.
° write, translate and plan a lot of blogposts
° dinners I cook, I always manage to make different and tasty things
° a trip to a fabric store, with a friend, with a family (hers) lunch, cuddly cats and a lot of chats (to those who might care: I’ve found two cool summer fabrics and some benefit-wool: I have to learn to knit U_U)
° Dragon Shiryu, he’s always been the coolest one U_U
° solving a WordPress “problem” for Sa, for once :)
° finding out I have a nice and thorough doctor
° my neighborhood, always: 30 seconds I was at my doctor’s, other 30 seconds and I was at the pharmacy, other 30 and I was at home
° after ten years finally fixing a skirt I had and loved, so I can finally wear it!
° my parents coming at my place for a surprise-lunch (packed with pizzas, focaccia and treats)
° Sa’s free fridays
° a kickass All Hallows Eve!
° my friends&sisters
° honey candies and milk toffees, thank you Halloween for giving us all the biggest excuse to eat treats!
° do a “makeup test” for my little cousin’s vampire mask (fake dark circles, eyeliner spiderwebs and bright red lipstick)
° Sholeh Zard which is a continuous inspiration
° tons of ideas to create things, a lot of things waiting for me, ebay that always has the best offerings ever
° a recipe for chickpeas hamburgers, I’m trying it tomorrow!
° my Stinky de Stinks
° Sa :)
° mythological creatures

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