Musa’s Box



° a beer, at the castle, by night, with friends :)
° the first rice salad of the season!
° talking to Sa :)
° my parents, back from Fuerteventura…
° … and all the aloe vera they brought me 😛
° go to the cinema to see “Spirited away”. Doing so after a journey in Japan was incredible!!!
° blissful naps
° being almost in holiday from work
° starting doing a little (veeery little) yoga
° the upcoming “post master dinner” :)
° good pizza delivered also “far away”
° all these summer storms, I liiiiiiike them! And so it’s not super hot and there are no mosquitoes and I’m not getting tanned *_*
° really talking to a friend :)
° the smart grocery shopping list
° do it myself
° mythological creatures

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