After-holiday Musa’s Box!

This summer I took notes, ready? Let’s go!

° see the sea
° best figs ever
° the drift we had with the open door
° the beach early in the morning and late in the afternoon, around sunset
° pebbles, seaglass and driftwood
° swimming in crystal clear water, so calm… seeing the rainbows on the bottom of the sea and on my skin

° swimming, quietly, watching my hands under the water and the sandy bottom… yes the water was transparent as glass
° playing with the Ikea online planner
° artisanal beer, with pumpkin seeds to chew on (and toasted chickpeas)
° bergamot drink!
° the effect of the sea on my hair and skin: everything was softer, smoother and purified
° the tons of freckles I got

° cannoli with sweet ricotta filling, as big as my hand, as heavy as a stone, but SOOOOO good!!!
° the tiny black kitten in Brancaleone, we OBVIOUSLY became friends right away U_U

° fireworks at Bianco, it really is worth it to wait late for them
° napping on the beach, watching the moon going higher and higher, and Scorpio moving further
° fennel and liquorice herbal tea
° the beach all to ourselves, the calm, the crystal clear water
° some fresh air
° my niece’s funny faces
° being mistaken for a natural red head, I lubs you!
° me, as in me, myself and I. I know, it’s sooo entitled, but it has been a while since I genuinely liked myself

° my recipes being used and pictured ^_^
° coming home, home sweet home
° cuddling our Stinkerbell again

° my potted plants, who “magically” survived my absence (my mom substituted them allXD)
° a night out with friends
° going running again

° keeping up with my resolutions for at least a week, it’s a good start
° giving
° an afternoon tea with a friend, chatting soooo much
° Sonia Peronaci, a famous foodblogger, “liking” a couple of my pictures on Instagram

° feeling so brave having faced a huge wasp and a huge spider (though it turned out it was a dust bunny, but I couldn’t know untill I got close up)
° being a full-time aunt
° having a list of local folklore books I want to read (buy, borrow, whatever)
° our list of recipes we want to try out… yum yum!
° mythological creature, oh so mythological!!!

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2 thoughts on “After-holiday Musa’s Box!

  1. Mari

    che bella la lumachina viola…
    le sensazioni che hai provato attraverso l’acqua cristallina, gli arcobaleni…
    il micino nero!!!
    dimmi dove prendi la tisana finocchio liquirizia!!!!

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