Laced flats diy – tutorial

Some time ago I had a pair of super duper flats: black, with laces criscrossing over my foot and ankle.

Too bad the laces cut into my flash and hurt really bad. Considering that in no way ever I’ll chose aesthetics over comfort, I swapped them.

But I was left with a longing, so this year I thought I made a softer, comfier version.

And there I had just the right pair of white espadrillas (leftover from my brother’s wedding) begging to be refashioned.


Here’s what you need:

– espadrillas (or similar canvas shoes, they’re cheap anyway)
– knit tape, or very very long boot shoelaces, or anything that is long and soft enough
– decorative trimming with holes in which you can run the mentioned tape


Phase one:
wear the shoes and mark where you want it to be opened


Phase two:
baste the trimming


Phase three:

Phase four:
sew the trimming, making sure you pick up some of the loose threads in the fabric so it doesn’t unravel


Phase five:
thread the tape and show off your cool new shoes

dye everything black with those washing machine dyes, retrieve a melted knot of your cute shoes.
Maybe this phase six should have been phase zero…


Anyway! I’m not so easily discouraged!
Even though this tutorial is half a failure (because up untill I dyed them, the shoes rocked!), crisscross laced up flats can be done!!!

So I came up with these alternatives as well:
– for fabric shoes: you can either sew a trimming all along the border, or apply tape (making some “noose” or “loops” or “buttonholes” shapes) either by sewing or glueing with fabric glue. And, if you’re capable of doing it by hand: sew a buttonhole.

– for leather/pleather/faux leather/plastic shoes: with one of those belt hole punchers, punch holes where you want the tape to be threaded. I still have to try this out, I just need a pair of flats that can be sacrificed for the cause!!!

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2 thoughts on “Laced flats diy – tutorial

  1. Valentina

    Ma che idea fantastica! Mi stavo scervellando su come avrei potuto ottenere delle espadrillas basse con i lacci (senza dovere andare a comprarle a Barcellona) e iltuo articolo mi e’ finito sotto gli occhi. Grazie mille, metto subito in pratica!

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