Musa’s Box

As I’ve promised in the “september issue” this list is going to be gigantic, pantagruelic and gargantuan!

After all it makes up for like four missed lists, but luckily I took notes (whohooo you’ll say…)

Can you tell the happy?

Before I leave you with this endless list of summer treasures I’ll embed the song that obsessed me during my holidays, so you’ll have a soundtrack while reading 😉 (even though the video’s good to watch too!)

° A friday that seems a saturday, with Sa with me
° going for a walk to the city center, listening to good live music, meeting friends, chatting, walking a lot
° bread and nutella
° electric fans
° the Nook finally all tidy
° new blog followers, those who find you via linkedin and actually call you 😉 hello!
° figs, eggplants, super blue sea, homemade gelato, a dog pup, a little star with sand from Maroq, ibiscus everywhere, all this in less than 24 hours in Calabria
° chances that look like they manifested just by asking
° Fred Vargas, Chuck Palhaniuk, LitReactor… food for the brain!
° sand, sun, waves and wind, heat everywhere, hypersaturated colours, the sound of waves, the smell of the sea and the chill of the wind on the skin
° endless ginrummy tourneys, remembering old solitaires and card games
° wood chopped for ovens, fires, sand from the desert, just sand, tan, a sun candleholder, fireworks
° a good digestion
° Sa fixing all my blog to make it new and faster :)
° midnight treat with a slice of chocolate cheesecake
° a day in the woods *_*
° my first spontaneous word in calabrese dialect: “sdirrupo” (cliff) and my first spontaneous phrase: “Chillu ‘ndavi!” (That one has!)
° see my mom’s writing on a homemade jam jar, a little angled but fluid even though it’s all caps (the writing, not the jam…), and feeling a little melancholy
° pretty pinecones
° have a “roommate” for a little while, chatting in the dark before sleep
° talk, clear things, feel better
° blueberry pie, wtill warm, eaten at almost 2000mt high (ah, mountains!)
° the woods, the witches’ lake, sylica everywhere making everything sparkle: rocks, paths and pebbles
° dark teal colour
° chapstick
° sms at any time
° glitter nails
° extra wool blankets
° soft hair
° going to a thermal bath when it’s raining, where they have this naturally warm pool (34°C) that reaches outdoor too, and being there, with just the tip of your head poking outside the surface of water, feeling the cold rain dripping on your head… unbelievable!!!
° remember some dreams
° top hats
° plan a very steampunk outfit
° september thrill: a list for everything, thousands of ideas, planning what can be planned
° making myself up really well, with some quirks, adding a pretty nailart, simply to take a chance :)
° Madagascar 3, I’ve laughed so hard!
° coming home, “pingin” with friends and being already planning something to meet up… this is family too :)
° Sa commenting on tv show-‘s bad makeup… he was spot on! Maybe I’ve bored him to death about colours, undertones and colours temperatures? XD
° rain, blanket, hot tea, candles lit and a good book
° mythological creatures that now (since yesterday!) are three, mew!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Clothilde!

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