I’m still here


A quarter to six.
That in-between time when everything can still happen. Everything that might keep you at your desk for another two, three hours… or maybe it’s just 15 easy minutes and then you’re out.
Fifteen minutes that, when you’ve finally found (or think so) the solution to a two days old problem, are enough for a break and a draft.
The first post after a long long time.


What happened since that Musa’s Box with all the golden trees?
Mainly one, big big thing.
I got a job, a job that even my grandma considers “an actual job”. Which means 9 to 6, full time (luckily also full paycheck), holidays, sick leave, colleagues, coffee breaks, social dinners, unexpected extra hours and happy hours to decompress some stress.

And it’s nice.

This post is taking me I don’t know how many takes: with this very sentence we’re in may, I started it off in march.
Is it because I do not have time?
Bulls**t. I do have time, the thing is I didn’t have it in me to write here. I may give you loads of reasons: nobody is reading blogs anymore, people are only browsing for a quick information, they want to be spoonfed replies, or just to “heart” something based on a picture and a title. Or maybe because despite how I commit to my blog, the comeback isn’t as I expected. Or maybe because it’s a blog that doesn’t have an actual topic thus no real “target reader”, making it short lived. Or maybe because despite long, full, informative posts I still get comments asking for a shortcut to what’s written in the post itself. And then I wonder, am I an information desk or is people actually THAT lazy??? Or maybe I could say that since I have a full time job, my spare time has to be used for other stuff. Or that I have another hobby. Or that we’re buying a house and we’re making tons of plans for it.

All of this is true.
But the main reason is that, as it already happened with many hobbies in my life, this blog stopped being exciting, so if a hobby isn’t a “hell yes” to me, then it’s not worth it.
Now, I’m not saying I don’t like to write anymore, but come to this if I’m writing I want things to be more whole and consistent, instead of random posts read only by my husband, my aunt, some friends and maybe a random reader (hello unknown friend!!!).
Luckily I never wanted to make a life out of blogging, therefore my commitment to this wasn’t skyrocketing, thus letting it go isn’t a pity. This is my online corner, and this is what it will always be.


Who knows, maybe in a year I’ll want to share a recipe with the world, at least I’ll be able to do that in a nice place.

I know that all of this sounds a little depressed, but it’s not: I’m fine, I’m happy, but I didn’t want to leave this place hanging without explanations…

I didn’t want it to look abandoned.
This blog isn’t abandoned, nor it’s closed.
It’s cherished.

Like your grandma’s tea set, you know you have it, you know where you keep it, and from time to time you love to use it. But you’re not able to do so everyday, not on a very (very) early monday morning to have a quick breakfast before running to yoga class before work (well, yes, I have this too now, how many hipster points do I get for this?).
It’s cherished, like a good bottle of cognac, the one you take out with the right company.
Or better yet, least I sound pretentious with the cognac thing, it’s cherished like that box of random stuff we all had as children.

I had an old paper box, with fleur de lys and gold leaf drawings on top, and inside there were seaglass, a plastic red star that came who-knows-from, a 10 of spades with a dragon on the back, a minuscule quartz point, a broken necklace that I got one summer (an owl made with Fimo and a green glass marble) and other stuff… that I loved to death.
And now my blog’s in there too, it’s small, finely polished, full of flaws and stuff, and I love it.

I’ll keep it for special moments or the right company.

And there’s one more thing I want to do, a list of nice as I haven’t being doing in a while:

  1. my new job, I get to go to sleep without worrying on how I’ll pay the bills at the end of the month, and I also like it!
  2. my new colleagues, maybe I’ll find some friends? ^^
  3. going to work on foot, such a luxury
  4. my nieces, yes, plural!!!
  5. my family
  6. Sa and this new, shiny adventure that is buying a house, OUR home
  7. the house we found, we really like it, it might not be a castle, but it will definately be MYTHOLOGICAL U_U
  8. abusing caps lock 😛
  9. finally subscribing to spotify: audio quality is top and I dusted some old teenage glories
  10. good food with good company
  11. also good drinks!
  12. some good ideas
  13. the trip to Venice
  14. going back to Montpellier, my heart was bursting with joy (and I usually don’t say things like this!)
  15. going back to a Stephen King’s book
  16. Netflix
  17. Terry Pratchett, I found out too late about him… can I get reprints? Come on!!!
  18. Pinterest, I’m consuming it, lately
  19. Aliexpress: how to waste a paycheck *_*
  20. a personal office
  21. total relax on holiday
  22. NOT getting a tan, yay, mission accomplished again!
  23. nice restaurants for dinners for two
  24. subscribing to FAI (an association that preserves Italian art. Next step: museum pass card!)
  25. a lot of plans for this autumn (trips, visits, and such)


This post has been completed and translated in september, just to let you (you who???) know how long it took to publish one single post!

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