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Here we go again 😀
List of happy things from this week

° the supersupersuperbeautiful kitchen!
° filling it with stuff, the Nook is really starting to look like a real home
° sleep, three days of holiday (even though 2 were of WE)
° christmas, being with my family, chatting, opening presents, and all the yummy things to eat
° I’ll be to venial but I’ll say: tips, always good to have some!
° phone calls across Italy 😀
° email from the Circle of Creative Support
° being surrounded by inspired and inspiring people
° a night out with my ladies, talking
° get rid of unwanted thoughts and making my way
° wear lipstick
° 1Q84, seems good
° programs for the 31st
° Mr Faun, who will be back tomorrow
° doing (finally!) boring stuff so that I don’t have to do them anymore
° a little paper on dragons, and some notes
° mythological creatures, yet more mythological

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