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Some time without blogging doesn’t mean I’m not keeping track of the things I’m grateful for this week too :)

Sì, lo so, non è esattamente un'immagine "positiva" ma mi migliora il morale quando sono arrabbiata :P

Sì, lo so, non è esattamente un’immagine “positiva” ma mi migliora il morale quando sono arrabbiata :P

° a busy week was over (and another one is too)
° having a car for quite some time
° cook my first roast and my first sacher torte, both turned out good
° a saturday evening with a lot of new people, a bellyfull of sushi (we seriously considered the possibility of having been a bear in a past life, since the craving of raw salmon)
° run for 20 minutes straight, in a sunday afternoon, with the sun, in the park. We’re proud
° the bestest pizza ever (was it because I was starving???)
° our new Vorwerk Folletto (a vacuum cleaner, and a Kobold too :D) thank you incredible discount over Ebay, I fell in love with an electronic device
° bite hard into a super spongy sandwich, to let my nerves calm down (helped also by silly radio speakers, Grumpy cat memes, and a lot of pretty pictures online)
° Sa who always listens to me, understands me, lets me vent out :)
° cherries!!!
° tumblr, it’s a drug o_O
° I don’t know if I’m bewitched by this song or by the fact that I’m bewitched by it…

° metaphorical “seeds” I’ve sowed some time ago, I can finally reap them
° negotiate a payment, getting the double of what I thought I could have, muhuhahahah
° Clothilde’s fur, sooo soft *_*
° being able to admit that I was taking myself, this blog and my craft way too seriously, like a “duty”, and feeling immediately more creative just after that!
° willing to sort out all my craft supplies now that I have drawers and everything else (also inspired by Klaire de Lys… even though I do not have an entire room to keep everything at hand :) )
° our neighbour, taking charge over some maintenance issues in the building/our garage (well, the water pump that broke wasn’t our fault) and he also gets our garage wall fixed 😀
° a nice feeling, even though there were apocalyptic clouds in the sky ^^
° being payed after a job U_U
° pizza for dinner, because I’m home late and there’s nothing in the fridge
° mythological creatures that, even thought they’re going through hecktic days, with no rest for body and soul, manage to keep being mythological U_U

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