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Maybe it’s the sunny days talking, or being almost done with the “to-do-list”, or maybe it’s the chocolate in my system, but this has been a very nice week!

° saturday spent running errands incredibly relaxed, thanx to the perfect weather as well!
° sunday lunch out with my family, everything was nice and everything was good (and my niece was, as always, simply soft and adorable!)
° a monday that seemed unstoppable 😛
° GAME OF THRONES!!! (sorry, needed yelling)
° gelato (stracciatella, dark chocolate, cream and mulberry… I’ve egoistically selected only my favourite ones :P)
° my Mela (apple :P) being good and furry, in the sun, and for a walk :)

° laying on the grass, under the sun
° our home, it’s pretty when light shines in from the windows, it’s pretty when the windows are open and fresh air flows in, it’s pretty when at night you close everything up and cuddle yourself in your nook, it’s pretty when you forget one of the blinds open and you can see the stars (and maybe from outside they can see our golden light shining and think “it looks so warm and comfy!”), it’s pretty always :)
° The Piano Guys, their first tour date in Milan (Teatro dal Verme was very nice as well), they’ve been great and super fun!
° thinking that next week I’ll be “on vacation” 😛
° plans for this weekend
° Clo’s headbutts that make me go from totally nervous to chill, in a second
° talking to Sa
° nice opportunities for Sa
° being willing to cook cold salads (with lentils, with rice, with pasta, with spelt and thyme)
° my little furry ones

° the smell of the lindens, the buds on the trees, all those little poplar puffs flowing around (ah, the freedom of not being allergic), basically “feeling” nature (after all I’m always the flower child)
° daisies in the grass
° mythological creatures

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