Musa’s Box

Weekly Musa’s Box.

° Snow blocking Mr Faun at home with me
° the snow making everything look frosty
°cold outside and warm inside
° unlocking scenarios on Mario Kart (I’m getting good at it U_U)
° cook with leftovers :)
° a sunday with relatives and a lot of good food
° frozen channel
° “Please don’t do anything risky”… I could be annoyed by these words (I can think on my own, thank you) but I decided I like it: if so many tell me not to is because they know I could really do it
° a message after too much time from hearing eachother
°a phone call just to know “how I’m doing” ° morning pages, The Artist’s way and what comes with it
° mr Faun coming home earlier *_*
° warming up with herbal teas
° waking up in a good mood, after way too much time it didn’t happen, and realize that the good mood is thanks to some hope and ideas I can do
° a crazy idea but oh so so so so so so attractive
° not wanting to loose my good mood, cheering up with perfume-investigation and clothes for 14 y-o girls (how comes they make cute stuff just for kids and then it’s either corporate or slutty?)
° little things did on an impulse (trying new ways to go to work, or going into a shop to find a super cute hat for 3 euros :D)
° a dinner with good company and artisanal beer
° Mr Faun Mr Faun Mr Faun
° mythological creatures

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