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New week, new list of gratitude.
In theory this list had to be filled with Calabria, with my softy niece, etc, but nothing of that happened, but I managed to be happy anyway.

° the most alternative Easter holidays ever had, with naps and light food
° though we cracked the chocolate egg anyway
° dressing the table nicely anyway, even though it was just the two of us, even though we only had white pasta to eat and paracetamol to take afterwards. And then again the day after, with a candlelit table, because “Come on, it’s Pasquetta!”
° having time to deep cleaning the house, with no rush at all, tidying up shelves and cabinets. Spring cleaning indeed. And I’m really satisfyied
° my great grandma’s tea set, it’s sooo pretty

° baking muffins again, finally!
° google and its wonders, you can really find anything
° tea at a friend’s house, using her gorgeous vintage teaset 😀
° leaf through “The Simple Things”, we’d really need a magazine like that in Italy
° plenty of interesting posts to read, online
° beautiful sunny days, going out without a jacket
° Grand Budapest Hotel, a movie to see in theaters, it’s a movie that reminds you that cinema indeed is a form of art
° striped socks and stockings, now it’s clear: I’ll never grow out of them
° spending half an hour deciding if to purchase a thing or not, and then, five seconds before going checkout spotting the perfect alternative, for a fraction of the price, ooooh yeah!

potted garden giardino pensile

° shopping at the garden centre, coming home with sage, rosemary and a house scent “cucumber and lime”, smells so clean!
° proverbs and sayings
° mythological creatures

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