Musa’s Box

Little list from this pretty week


° birthday cake and presents for my grandma
° a saturday with my girlfriends, topped with plenty of sushi (“But are breatharians gluten free?”)
° a walk in Casteggio (ancient name: Clastidium) with a very yummy icecream
° super thunderstorms and rainy days
° a cold coming and going quickly, without notable nuisance
° making my students laugh at the right moment
° Ted Talks on youtube
° homemade bavarian dinner (I made sauerkraut… they turned out pretty good!)
° a day with my mom
° wednesday lunch at my grandma’s
° delicious pastries (and my niece picking the big chocolate choux for herself, smearing chocolate all over, but doing so in a perfect D’Artagnan moustache and goatee effect!)
° nice phonecalls
° making sushi at home, super slowly, but so satisfying (and having so much leftover rice that I made five onigiri out of it, and will be able to make myself some chahan for lunch)
° a hot bath in the middle of the afternoon, looking at a blue blue sky
° making sushi at home, yummy!
° my salt lamp (and my cat loving it)
° that the instagram “30 days tarot challenge” is almost over 😛
° opening a text file and starting writing with no blocks
° a sense of “closure”
° this quote “L’automne est une deuxième printemps, où chaque feuille est une fleur” Camus (Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower)
° mythological creatures

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