Home made febreeze

Another quick diy post, for another “discovery” that has to be shared!

The measuring “spoons” are by Ikea ;)

On Pinterest I’ve found the recipe to make a homemade febreeze, but since I know also about Pinstrosity I was afraid it might be all fake.

In the end I’ve tried it out, I thought that after all it couldn’t hurt. And it worked!
The original recipe says 1/8 cup fabric softener, 2 tbspoon baking soda and 2 cups hot water.
For those of you who live in a world where cups are sipping objects, not measure units, here’s my recipe. I did it by eye, but with measurements!

45ml fabric softener
15ml baking soda
about 50 ml hot water

Funnel it in an empty spray bottle, shake well, enjoy spraying all around on couch, curtains, pillows and carpets. Oh yeah.

It works when it’s cooled as well, as long as it has the ability to evaporate quickly (for example today it’s sunny and all my windows are open).

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