Musa’s Box

Here’s my weekly list of gratitude, where’s yours? I’d like to read it :)

°Turin, I’ve always been told it was a nice city, but I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful. Maybe it’s because I had few hours, maybe it’s because the weather was great and the sun goes down early so I saw it all lit up with Christmas lights. I don’t know why but I really enjoyed it and we’ll be going back for sure. ‘Cause I also have to visit the egiptian museum U_U
° going to visit a friend in her beautiful fantasy shop: “Il giardino delle magie”
° have dinner at “Trattoria sotto la Luna”, thanx to my parents and a smartbox. We ate so much but so well!!!
° herbal tea “Dopopasto” (after meal XD) l’Angelica. It puts you back to shape even if you drink it after midnight.
° our stinky (aka Clothilde) who waits for us and then she’s all purring and headbutting us
° wear red lipstick, better, “Shanghai Red” 😀
° Sholeh Zard reading, the snow won’t stop me!
° Cheer up my Etsy Shop Carnival Oubli with my creations
° finally publish my Portfolio page, with all the things I can do (yes, I’m showing off :D)
° the snow crunching under my feet
° make our tree with Trans-Siberian Orchestra as an ost, put decorations in the kitchen and outside the door too (only the neighbours of this floor will see them, but who cares, we’re cheering up!)
° sell my first necklace, “Moongazer”, Anna will receive also the first chapter of “Zohar”, Sholeh Zard’s second adventure
° my first trip ever to Milan’s artisanal fair, never been before: I’ve been missing out so much *_* Going back home with my feet and back aching but with such a prey: stroopwafel (I’ve got a sweet tooth for these), french-arabian teas, various vintage silver things to use as supplies, a french perfume (it’s already a chic thing, isn’t it?) and it’s a Jasmin perfume!!! I’ve found it finally!!!
° my friends birthday presents: fabric scraps and bags of seedbeads&co…. me lubs u!!!
° besides the fair and the shopping: spend a sunday with friends, nosing aorund and chatting and deciding to try out Tibetan restaurant (that maybe it had fair-organizational issues, but tasted and looked a lot like chinese restaurant… I like chinese food, don’t get me wrong, but I hoped that Tibetan was different!)
° beautiful girls and women at the Fair, not those pre-stamped cover beauties, but those beauties that tell you about far away places (I can’t help it, I think women are aesthetically more beautiful than men, and I like to see beautiful U_U)
° home made febreeze, when I need it, it always works magic!
° Clothilde with her lethal claws snipped shorter
° answering back (but with courtesy) to a very ignorant man
° Clothilde in the Lab with me, sleeping on a box and then on me
° onion and tuna pizza
° chats by night, under the blankets, about the day just gone and the one to come, laughing like stupids and discussing deep things and all in between, and realizing that there is no one that is as mythical as we are (except our cat)
° Sheireen’s patience and comprehension 😉
° my grandma that tells me “Go on, write a book, I’ll pay for it to be published”… awww granny! *_*
° a dinner with friends “Easy girls, I’ll just make an easy pasta” and then letting my inner Bree take over and prepare a couple of things ^^ And then drink up a bottle of red wine and eat spiced almonds
° researching the roots of local folklore (just know that starting from Longobards I got to Scandinavia on one side, and to the Walnut of Benevento on the other… XD)
° mythological creatures

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