Chill out monday part two

If I’m not mistaken I still owe you a selection of my favourite relaxing songs. So since it’s monday for everyone again, let’s start the week on soft terms.

song musica relax

Now, we could argue all day about what is indeed relaxing and what’s not, but in the end I just picked following my taste, therefore I hope you’ll like my choices.

And please also note that these songs are proven to be relaxing, in fact I selected them while Sa was trying out his new recording stuff… aka marshalls going on and off randomly and with quirky noises to say the least. Yet I stayed calm. What more proofs do you need??? 😀

These are in random order, I’m not able to put them in a “top ten” chart.

I couldn’t find this one on youtube, but I’ve found it on spotify, and it’s really worth it. Click here

This one too I couldn’t find on youtube, but you can find it on the artist’s website

My advice to you is to look up all these awesome artists U_U

What’s your advice for me? What are your favourite relaxing songs?

Here‘s the old post with the “official” top ten chart.

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