Mini-suitcase for mini travels

The question is: what the heck can I pack when I have a shoebox sized trolley, two days away and three huge jumpers?
I have to say that, given my budgets, lately my travels aren’t longer than four days, so I think I’m pretty good at packing for short.

For clothes it’s easy: try to have the most accurate weather forecast/temperature/climate, carefully count days and nights you’ll be away, and of course what you’ll be doing (long city walks? weekend-long pyjama party at your foreign friend’s place? thermal baths? picnics on the mountains?).
When you’re done count the exact amount of clean underwear you need, plus an extra one. Then you’ll have your travelling clothes, there and back, one change, and something frilly if you’re planning to dine out, or an extra jumper if you think you need it. The trick is to bring multi-purpose stuff, so that you won’t be driven mad by matchings. In theory you might be doing fine with just one pair of shoes: the ones you’re wearing, but if you tuck really well things away maybe you can fit in your trolley another one (obvious advice: wear combat boots for travelling, put the flats in your suitcase, they take less space).

BUT! And here’s the fun part… or the hard part: wether it’s two days and a night, or two weeks, or two months, your beautycase it’s always the same size, worst, in proportion with a weekend trolley it’s almost bigger.
I know this woe, I have to carry around bottles and bottles with liquids for my contacts. But there is a solution indeed: perfumery or herbalist shops samples. Except contacts liquids, in a small pouch you can fit: two or three foambath samples, body lotion, face moisturizer. Then maybe you want to use those tiny bottles you find in hotels and squeez into them some face cleanser and toner, two or three cotton pads, cotton sticks, almost finished toothpaste tube, deodorante sample, scrunchies and bobbypins, toothbrush and… ok, the brush is going to take a little bit more room.
But there’s more! I’ve found a tiny solution for makeup too: I’ve made my personal palette out of a dvd case and I’ve also sewn my brushes roll, so that I don’t have to leave behind anything if I don’t want to! But these are things that are deserving of their own post, I’ll tell you another time which tutorials I’ve used and stuff like that!

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6 thoughts on “Mini-suitcase for mini travels

  1. Euforilla

    Ingenious indeed! Luckily there are smarter minds out there, otherwise I would have never thought of something like that!
    And I'm going to share my favourite tutorials 😉

  2. Laura CheBirba

    anche io in viaggio porto spesso i campioncini oppure i mini flaconcini che trovo negli alberghi e che riporto a casa quando sono finiti… grazie per tutti i consigli di questo articolo! Laura

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