Personal Peace Procedure with EFT

Before I start writing endless posts, two words about what’s EFT and what’s “PPP” (Personal Peace Procedure).
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) it’s a self help technique to release emotions, which stands on a serie of pressures on acupuncture meridians, without needles, combined with words and affirmations.
The personal peace procedure is a daily commitment (from 10 minutes to as much as you’d like) where you face, one at a time, all those situations from the past that are still affecting you somehow.

This is why the first thing you need to do is to write a list, you have to list ALL, and when I say all I mean everything from car crash trauma to the bitchy classmate who ate your last snack, of these bad experiences. Instructions say that if you don’t find at least one hundred you’re not doing it well.
I can grant you that, and by the way while you treat those memories other ones and other aspects will come up, and they’ll all need treatment.

Now, I didn’t want to start it (I thought somehow that getting rid of all bad things would have made me a little lobotomized being and with artistic relevance as a soap bar… but it only frees you from the depressing effect that these memories still have on you, not from the awareness of them) while now I can’t bring myself to continue it, it’s stuck where it was when I was coming home from erasmus. That’s right, more than two years ago… I should start it a-new.

And if at first I didn’t want to do it because I was afraid of change, now I don’t want to continue it because I know how much hard emotional work it is.
I can’t grant you that it is EFT tapping sequence itself that makes the changes… but at least on a general level I think that being able to spit out all the upsetting things we hold inside because they’re too big (or too meaningless) and for once taking the right not to be grown up people always looking for their share of responsability, but instead letting yourself blaming others, making a scene and crying for nothing is such a huge let out!

To sum up, I’d like you to try this PPP and I hope I’ll soon have again the guts to face lots of kleenex, petty feelings and stale resentments… you feel so so so much better afterwards!

(PS. I know EFT is borderline to absurd, I was first not trusting it, I thought it was some new kind of fraud… but what convinced me to try it out, in the end, was that you can learn the method for free, only if you want to teach it you have to pay for the course, otherwise you can make it work for yourself for no penny at all 😉

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  1. goddessinspired

    Saranno anche delle fricchettonaggini, ma sembrano davvero delle fricchettonaggini fichissime! :) Prima o poi penso mi cimenterò anch’io, quando non avrò così tanta carne al fuoco come in questo periodo. Un bacissimo!

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