Musa’s Box

° Mad Hatter’s Day which is today here in Italy! here it’s history. What are you going to do? At least wear a hat?
° texts
° organizing my countless new interests to be able to face them a bit at a time
° free pfd and ebooks
° chill wind when it’s too hot outside
° lemon sorbet
° nightingales chirping at 5 o’ clock
° drink plenty of water
° going to the movies
° having a similar mind-state
° aged Earth globes and planispheres
° film posters
° air conditioned
° Ikea and it’s brilliant solutions (also fair wood and rattan furniture)
° seeing the lights of a luna park from far away
° laughing
° chill out
° people thinking I’m a natural redhead *_*
° pure poison
° follow a (totally) different singing lesson, there’s always something to learn
° chit-chat
° re-igniting my band
° sing
° mythological creatures

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6 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Euforilla

    Sì lo conosco già gibbous, pianifico da un bel po' di farmi una gonnella come la loro "da fatina"… per il resto credo abbiano dei prezzi decisamente troppo assurdi!


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