Musa’s Box

Yikes! This week I didn’t take notes-of-nice… Let me concentrate a little to recover it all…

° a nice official communication
° being surrounded by bureaucracy, but having a trusted friend and competent people by my side, then realizing that it’s either me going full adulthood speed or fail
° gorgeous sunny days
° a yummy sandwich with a lot of yummy seeds on top
° salmon tartare
° our “low cost” wonderful dinners
° a vocational training that turned out to be, unexpectedly, useful!
° Sa surprising me by picking me up at the train station
° ticking off a lot of “to do things” from our to do list and knowing we’ll tick off more by the end of the week
° willing to do henna on my hair!!! *_*
° this upcoming weekend plans
° mythological creatures

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