Musa’s Box

This is going to be one of the last boxes before I leave for the holidays, yay!
Then I’ll be back with plenty more *_*


Did them myself, had a new point, thought of matching it with an old one and, guess what? Earrings!!!

° our quiet weekends, they taste like holiday
° the Nook all polished up
° Stinkerbell, when she’s all purr-y-ing
° interesting stuff to read online (this one for example)
° the smart bag to pack to stay away a few days
° Gorizia, Tolmin, Lubiana, wonderful days
° seeing my husband play at a live gig again <3 ° seeing From The Depth live
° Metaldays festival, well, to me it was just one metalday 😛
° good company, because places can be grand, but if you are in good company, that’s even better!!!
° coming home: it’s always good to go away, but it’s also good coming home
° my diy raptus, even though it’s not a good match with long nails (for once, I wanted to have them long!!!)
° our finally functioning-again oven
° being done, for this summer, being a Uni professor!
° finding, finally, after years and years, a cartoon I ended up thinking I was the only one who ever saw that “Little Nemo’s adventures in slumberland“… and I remembered it all wrong: I thought it was a tv series with different episodes, where a kid fell asleep, his “spirit” somehow lifted from his physical body and flew out of the window to go and live amazing adventures… it actually is just one movie, he flies out of the window with all the bed… and apparently it’s pure nonsense and boredom XD
° AdBlock plugin, sometimes I glance at its red hand and see how many ads have been blocked and I laugh at all those annoying things I’m not seeing anymore, muhuhahahahaha, freedom!
° spanish-inspired grocery shopping, om nom nom
° dinner with my girl friends… and a free dessert, yay for sunday night at Peach Pit!!!
° sweet almond oil compress mask for my hair, they’re sooooooo soft *_*
° “My cat from hell”, how many problematic kitties that turn out to be just misunderstood kitties *_*
° black nail poilsh, it’s always worth it, even on my toes U_U
° mythological creatures

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