Musa’s Box

This is a “so close to the holidays” list.

Found on Tumblr, anyone knows the source?

Found on Tumblr, anyone knows the source?

° the weather becoming much more pleasant, this is the summer I like!
° japanese knives and “asian” products at the supermarket: aka how to stock up on a monday morning *_*
° making some sort of tabbouleh that reminded me of Montpellier
° my galaxy nails, thanx to my cousin :)
° making myself a new necklace and having some ideas for some more diy jewellery
° Stinkerbell who’s really better (little devil!)
° people who see the light 😉
° ice lollies moulds
° Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel
° Parks and Recreation
° Greensleeves and Scarborough Fair, they never tire me
° Babadook, it’s somewhat strange, but it’s finally a nice original horror
° a chilly windy morning, that allowed me to brew me some tea, finally *_*
° Stinkerbell jumping on my lap and kneading, she still loves me then *_*
° mythological creatures

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