Everything you don’t know about tattoos

Letìs have a quick recap of the things they do tell you BEFORE a tattoo:

– be extremely sure of the worth of your tattoo artist and their studio, it means having seen their other works, the studio, the cleanliness of it all, disposable needles, etcetera etcetera etcetera
– be extremely sure of the drawing you’re getting, because it’s not going anywhere (that’s the whole point!)
– be healthy, declare any allergies, be ready for consequences (pain, scowls from parents & co) and so on
– to women they also say not to worry for the minor shaving of invisible hair from various areas (feet, back, shoulderblades…), no one ever turned into a werewolf from that (from other causes, we still don’t know)


Watercolour – Chronic Ink Tattoo

Some other things they do tell you AFTER the tattoo:

– follow your tattoo artist instructions to take care of it, some wrap it in bandages, some with plastic wrap, leave it alone, keep it clean, wash it gently, grease it regularly, don’t sunbathe it (not for the first times and not without a proper sunscreen)
– there might be discoloration due to the healing process, come back for a check and it might need a touch up
– don’t pic the scabs, it’s a true wound that’s healing


Cheyanna Edmunds (Labyrinth Facebook page)

That’s all true and very important, please don’t be a dickhead.

Here’s what they don’t tell you about a tattoo healing process:


Rick Genest

Rick Genest “Zombie Boy” – Wikipedia

It’s indeed a big lesson in self control, discipline and willpower.
But now, when I see someone who has tattoos, I stopped wondering “That must have hurt” or, in other cases “That must have cost a fortune”, I instead think to my self “Poor thing, that must have itched like crazy!!!”.

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