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It’s thursday! Which means another gratitude list for the nice things lived in the past week. Gratitude towards who? I think “life itself” is the best answer 😉
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I want them all!!!


° visit a beautiful new house and invite ourselves already for future barbecues!
° a bavarian dinner, maybe not so fit for july, but it was yummy!
° a night of italian heavy metal (little afterthought: aren’t we all a little bit old to play the “defernder of the faith” card? XD)
° a saturday-ish saturday
° clear up the garage, there’s still a lot to do, but at least we can toss the “biohazard” signs
° a very much earned tuna & onions pizza, with a bottle of corona, on the couch, watching a fairly stupid movie, wearing a tartan man’s shirt… I only needed a “burp challenge” and my masculine-self would have been so so so proud
° my bike, do I say it often? It’s because it is really cute and useful!
° my neighborhood, it’s like a small town within the city, it’s all green, with some little shops, people talking from one balcony to the other, old people sitting on plastic chairs outside entrance doors, a small postal office where there are never too many people, the square with a very good gelateria… :)
° find out our flat has a little part in the common garden *_* (filled up with sage, basil and hydrangeas ^_^)
° the best man of this world is by my side, no arguing about that U_U
° digestive herbal tea, at one o clock at night, sitting in bed… it works and tastes good!
° hearing an howl at night
° a day of attentions for me ^^
° self-adhesive stuff *_*
° this post
° go visit three little kittens (to answer my little cousin exhausting questions: my favourite one was the white one with grey head and tail, and with gray/green eyes
° thunderstorm, it’s always a show… and it freshened up everything!!!
° turning off TV just to talk, and talk ’till midnight :)
° Mr Faun & mythological creatures

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