Musa’s box

° drink water
° hair just after henna
° new copybooks with pretty covers
° small things
° warm sun
° vent
° draw (actually doodle… and “doodle” as a word)
° Picard’s macarons, quite similar to the real ones I used to eat in Montpellier (and now it’s time to try and make them at home)
° thinking about making M&M’s at home
° starting to see some physical result from exercising!
° hot glue gun
° steampunk AND Burton? Yes please
° re-read Nana, sometimes I really fancy mangas 😛
° look for Ramen recipes (eh, the consequences!)
° look at eachother in the eyes, and read
° spreading Ubuntu
° jump on the bed
° coloured socks and stockings
° how the givaway went ^^
° spinning things in the right direction again
° asking my grandma the recipes for carnival treats, yummy!!!
° going around (and to work) in converse = spring is coming!!!
° re-install webcam and microphone on Ubuntu too, it has no limits *_*
° making lists and action plans and detailed bulletpoint lists
° introduction to acting, and creative writing course *_*
° exercise singing again (finally!)
° full days
° go to the cinema
° send a package to Canada (and try to fit in myself XD)
° mythological creatures (lately I haven’t been listing them so often, but it’s because I’ve decided not to give you diabetes and to keep everything for myself only, selfish! :P)

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