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Here we go with another weekly list! If you’re new here or you’re simply curious here I have a good explanation of what this is and links to other girls writing their lists.

° a week that is finally over
° deeply napping on the couch
° mussaka at greek restaurant
° starting to finish the things at the Nook (hello renewed doors!)
° sleep, sleep, sleep
° see and cuddle my Mela again
° find time to do the chores at home
° pizza with friends and a stupid movie
° fireplace *_*
° our new reading lamp in the livingroom
° public employees that are nice and helpful
° thinking that life gave me just one brother (and found me another elective one) and realizing that, at 26, I actually have a lot of “sisters” here and there
° Mr Faun taking care of me, always
° thinking about my “carreer”
° finaly fixing my Filofax (2012 diary, a lot of blank papers and a tool sheet with postit&co costed me just as much as a new diary, i lubs you filofax *_*)
° The Big Bang Theory
° Desperate Housewives
° the new router
° “discovery time” about Brigit and curious coincidences
° snow!!!
° an afternoon with a friend, some peach tea and ideas about bellydance costumes and hoodies
° potato croquettes
° “snow inspired” nail art manicure
° an extra day with mr Faun
° baking an apple pie
° the idea of snow outside, the fire alive in the fireplace and something good in the oven
° mythological creatures

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