Musa’s Box

Friday’s list is here, just like The Cure said “Friday I’m in love”

american horror story coven ahs

° grocery shopping at the biodynamic farm
° smoked fig&rose tea in a blue cup, in a blue kitchen
° the term “dream-naut”
° a full day spent in my pijama, sweater, shawl, thick socks and fluffy slippers, with my cat, a cup of hot tea and stuff to read
° slowly decluttering some areas at home, it feels good :)
° new stuff for the home, thanx mom, thanx aunt (and thanx store on clearance :P)
° kicking asses at grocery shopping
° always having an excuse to bake something in the oven… so I can warm up a little
° I know I keep repeating this, but being payed to write articles it’s always so good, even though it’s not real journalism, even though the pay is almost funny, but I like it, I am able to say that I honestly earn my living with my writing ^^ (my great grandmother would say this is sin of pride, well, yes, anyway)
° picking a bottle of wine for an all-girls-night-out (this time I also have a proper corkscrew, we won’t need to invoke the “half-mighty-Bacchus” to open it!)
° the t-shirt from Qwerty with the Tim Burton Style Minions on… it also came with a tiny package of Haribo candies, thanx a lot Halloween month!!!
° thinking about dressing up as Frida Khalo for Halloween
° keeping a dream journal, I was remembering only nightmares lately, not cool…
° a quiet saturday morning cleaning up the house
° lighting the fireplace for the first time this autumn *_* enjoying the fire with a cup of tea, a book and the cat
° hot milk with cocoa
° writing emails with compliments
° going out for dinner, walking, it was chilly outside but we were properly padded. The city almost deserted. The Theresianer (red beer) also said “Well done Theresa!”
° Sleepy Hollow, a new tv serie to watch, seems good :)
° all the teaser of American Horror Story: Coven
° the first jumper
° the Professor, that “old feminist” I talked about in a couple of Boxes, meeting her has been huge!
° seeing a tattoo artist at work
° an afternoon with Anna and Giada ^^
° my family, we might be noisy, many, and somewhat nosy but when you need them these are the best qualities
° getting pictures of my beautiful niece, in a short while I’ll be able to squeeze her round feet
° being put on trial, let’s show them how tough I am
° getting mythologically over a shitty tuesday U_U
° walking underneath the falling leaves, smelling them, seeing their colours. Well hello there autumn!
° a nice swap with friends (and with a lot of talking, home delivered food, good wine, lit fireplace and coconut sweets)
° tonight’s plans and also the plans for the weekend
° a conference on Hippogriffs, very nice, the guys were extremely prepared!
° Sa coming home earlier than I thought *_*
° mythological creatures, incredibly mythological even on the distance!

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