Telling mom and dad

Here’s how it goes in the movies: he proposes to her, she’s overwhelmed with joy. He calls his mom, she calls her bestfriend, everyone is overwhelmed with joy, and in five minutes all the world knows, and that’s about it.


But life’s not a movie, and we had a little “obstacle” to face.
Sa’s parents live far away from here, my brother lives in Spain, there was a month left to go before Christmas, and everyone was coming here for the holidays, plus we really wanted to tell close family in person.
So we decided to wait.

There is a thing that still makes me laugh when I think about it: the day after the proposal I had lunch with my aunt Clara, and out of the blue she goes “Don’t you two ever think of getting married, eventually?”

I must have given off the impression of being an anarchic and anti-romantic girl all my life….

Anyway, we spent a month biting our tongue, making up lies and excuses not to say we were doing papers or we were going to see a restaurant.

Sheesh that was stressful… you have no idea how hard it is not to discuss certain topics!!! “So, any news?” this is what phonecalls with our parents sounded like in that month “Nooo, no… no… same old same old”.

“Ah! Liar! You’ll burn in hell!” This was my guilty consciense instead.

Anyway, ff to Christmas. Sa’s parents get here after driving 12 hours, he’s super nice and lets them rest, have dinner quietly and then, in a moment of dull conversation, says “We have some news, we’re getting married!”.

Me, on the other hand… I hadn’t been so nervous since the last Moral Philosophy exam… I’m a truck, an elephant in a glass shop, basically here’s how it went:

Mom “Lunch’s ready!”
Dad “Enjoy your meal!”
SisterInLaw “Enjoy your meal!”
Brother “Can you pass the mashed potatoes?”
Me “Inmaywe’regettingmarried”

Though, I’m sorry but… how exactly do you say something like that? It’s bound to be thrown in sooner or later… oh well…

Anyway the general and common reaction was: “Really? Like, really really?!”
(Yeah, an anarchic anti-romantic girl…)

Except my aunt Laura: “You’re pregnant!”
I must have taken the truck-gene from someone in my family!

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