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Post-Christmas gratitude list, oh yeah!


° surprising the relatives, a lot
° the “Christmas lunch” at work
° good news and new chances
° being fed up with Christmas about five minutes in, on the 21st… but then realizing that the alternative (being alone) is ugly, and after all I like my family, I like being with them, even though during Christmas time there’s no rest, no silence, no more room in the stomach, no time for anything else
° my cat, cuddling with me as soon as she can to get some cuddly time back
° my GORGEOUS jars with home made “hot cocoa” mix, soon you’ll have the recipe
° all the yummy things to eat for Christmas
° thinking about all the salads, soups and the herbal teas I’ll have during January to recover from gluttony XD
° digestive herbal tea, it’s a plunger (soooo classy…)
° finally being able to spend some time alone at our place, tidying up a bit, napping on the couch, being quiet basically… for two introverts Christmas is quite a commitment XD
° being in, with a blanket on (the one with sleeves!!!) while outside it’s pouring
° seeing that lighttime is increasing
° a gorgeous sunny day (that lets me have snapshots like the one up here)
° extra-mythological creatures

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