Don’t Gag Us

Usually I don’t use this blog to talk about things (even remotely) politics-related.
But I do remember that once I wrote about being pissed off: it’s important to recognize those moments where it’s more than needed, and live happily the rest of the time.

Well, this is one of those moments where we need to be pissed off. Two days from now, 6 July, the italian government will decide about how to “mute” those national and international websites that promote ideas… well, different ideas, of course different from what the government would like. Censorship. This is pure censorship, this is regimen-like stuff…

Internet is nowadays the very last rampart we have left for freedom of speech and free circulation of knowledge.

This time is the time to be pissed off.

In the italian version of this post I linked to some websites where to sign the petition against this procedure…  I don’t know if you (and by you I mean anyone who’s reading this and is not italian 😉 hello there!) can sign it too… though I’m glad I had the chance to speak my mind about this…
I realize that there are so many things about Italy I’d like to tell you…

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