On the nightstand – 12

Wow, finally! In december and january I read quite a lot, but it was stuff I had to study, it was boring stuff, burocracy and bylaws and so on… not thing you’d read to enjoy yourself. Anyway, done with studying I picked up books again. Few but good ones!


° The truth about the Harry Quebert affair by Dicker Joel – I got this as a birthday present and finally I resolved myself to read it (aka: after I had the time to forget that the author is as old as me and he’s at his second bestseller… Yes, I had to get over my envy!). It’s good, you know? A good thriller, it gives you some pointers here and there… but it’s played nice 😉 (even though I had hoped for a different, more dramatic, ending). The only thing is… the characters… they leave no trace, they work for the story, but they’re quite unimpressive. And the main character is unbearable… I hoped it was some plot twist to come, something he wrote for purpose, but he simply gets lost… And, despite what the book says, I didn’t mind closing it, satisfied with the light read, ok, but sorry for the book to end absolutely not.

° The boy with the cuckoo-clock heart by Mathias Malzieu – I remember spotting this book when I was back in Montpellier (the author’s from Montpellier *_*), but back then I decided not to buy it because I was still reading “Le tour du monde en 80 jours”. And then of course I forgot about it. Finding it again in Italy was a melancholic yet pleasant surprise, so I couldn’t help but treat myself. Sadly, though, I thinki I had too high expectations, I’m sure that if I had read it four years ago I would have loved it to bits, given its style, it’s a nice story, it’s well written, but I think it is a little bit pretentious. Don’t get me wrong, if this were the worst fault in every book I’d be a happy reader!!! So, my advice to you is this: if you like love stories and dreamscapes, this book is a quick nice read I recommend to you.

° The path to the spiders’ nests by Italo Calvino – My classic of the month, it was about time. Can I say that Calvino is one of my favourite writers? That he has been since middle school? There, I said it. Then I want you to think about this: this book was his first one. Hisfirstbook. And by now you should know how much I love a book where the characters are incredibly threedimensional. Shees, how do you do that? *_*

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