Musa’s Box

This week flew by so fast I didn’t even realize it, in fact I didn’t take notes. So let’s see what I can jot down, impromptu!

Se ti senti giù ecco, prendi una scatola di gattini. (da:

If you’re feeling down, here, take a box of kittens. (from:

° a wide range of chances, even though it makes me a little nervous, that’s a “nervous good”
° changing the “season” in my wardrobe, pull out my chiffon dresses
° wear my striped heels
° home made bread, sooooooo gooooood!!!
° a healthy nap with Clothilde as my Dutch wife
° sandwiches for dinner
° my grandma finally changing her menu (new lunch for us! XD)
° phonecalls and teas with friends
° GossMakeupArtist‘s videos, he’s a great makeup artist AND he also conveys the message that you do not need to modify or correct your face with makeup (to stand up to some “beauty standard”), but instead you should enhance what you like about yourself and what makes you unique <3
° my home made sage stick, it works wonders!!!
° a sunny and windy afternoon, with windows open wide
° strawberries
° double chocolate cake, made by Sa’s sister
° guacamole for lunch (with my toasted bread!)
° apricots and finally the season with all the fruits I love!
° organizing a swap party
° cuddling on the couch, watching our favourite tv shows, eating some icecream U_U
° writing on my journal, it was a long while since, it always works as a charm to clear my head, a little like Dumbledore’s Pensieve!!!
° this post on Yes&Yes *w*
° Sa worrying for Clò
° the picture I’ve chosen for this week’s Box, it reminds me so much of this moment from Scrubs
° mythological creatures

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