Musa’s Box

This week’s list of nice is brought to you by… this yummy yogurt XD


° Sa at home for a friday ^^ and coming back to a clean house and almost ready lunch :)
° pancakes for breakfast
° being super fast in grocery shopping (and also being super good at saving money on it U_U)
° a “me-time” afternoon to organize a little my tools and my craft supplies
° henna!!! Finally!!!
° Vorwerk’s “Folletto”. Am I repeating myself in saying that I love this thing? ‘Cause you have to know that in this long haired+cat friendly+combat boots friendly+people going in and out all the time+furry carpeted house, keeping said carpet clean was becoming quite a nightmare, but this kobold-thingie works like a charm *_*
° enjoying some well-deserved rest after giving a good scrub and clean up to the house (see point above), laying on the couch, with Clothilde, a good book and home made iced tea. ‘Cause it’s finally warm enough to wear flipflops and tshirt indoor too, with windows open wide!!!
° home made pizza and super-chocolaty cakes, baked to get rid of some easter egg chocolate
° being willing to go running, run, being in a little pain but then having the endorphines reward. Yes, I’m finally at that point of the training *_*
° the mythic-quota of some things that had to be said U_U
° the swirls in the Vernavola
° the park of Vernavola, I have to go there with my camera one day
° plan a trip to my childhood places *_*
° cut my hair, without thinking twice, without even caring to cut them well (and a part is quite butchered, but I really couldn’t care less), now my hair is at elbow length more or less… see pictures of girls with super long hair, feeling a little nostalgic, but then again thinking about the braid I have hereby to donate to those in need :)
° colour matching my eyebrows to my hair, being mistaken for a genuine ginger by passerbys (I have to admit that being pale, freckled and with hazel eyes helps in the deception :P)
° a friday suddenly free from duty (but already filled up with chores)
° Clothilde mesmerized by the printer
° mythological creatures, now and always and ever

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