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New thursday, new list of things I’m grateful for. There is one that I’m especially and really really grateful for, don’t know who I’m grateful to, but generally, thank you!

° going to see Django!
° meet my lovliest friend Satura (after four years!) and spend a wonderful day *_*
° walk in the snow, catch snowflakes with the tongue
° going back home and warm up under a blanket with a good book
° lots of plans and projects
° sculpt fimo for a while
° good and slightly “junk” food, but hey, it’s cold outside U_U
° nap on the couch with Sa and Clothilde over me to keep me warm
° a “Girls night out”
° a letter that moved me
° my brand new post-it dispenser for my desktop, it’s shaped as a red apple!
° crazy shopping at a craft shop sale
° in a few days being given a soldering iron and a pyrography tool *_*
° a pizza with History at our table, being told things of our contemporary times, things that should be on school books…
° the meetup between a photo-enthusiast who needed material for her course and a girl (wonder who she is… I know she writes on this blog XD) who wanted to give in to a conceited wish of having a few good pictures of herself :)
° snowy landscapes
° Sa who preps me handy .txt files with lots of interesting and quirky links U_U
° Clothilde soft and cuddly
° Lidl’s “bourbon vanille” pudding… yummy!!!
° modified street light: sad face on red, happy face on green!
° a bruised, yet unharmed an whole, dad
° lighting up the fireplace, welcome home ^^
° mythological creatures

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