Musa’s Box

Musa’s Box! A little different today too, only to have a little more fun than usual :)

° A gigantic-cuscus to save vegetables in the fridge, prepare it for a friend who’s coming over for dinner, chat a lot
° B ycicle race, sing it when I’m going downhill
° C hocolate, dark one, from easter eggs
° D IY foundation (I’ll have a post about this :) )
° E agle heartbeat… find out that 180 bpm, the speed of the beats on shamanic drum, is like the heartbeat of an eagle
° F ingers soaked like rasins after spending part of a sunday afternoon in a City Spa: warm swimming pool, neck waterfalls, jacuzzi, turkish bath, finnish sauna, aromatherapy+chromotherapy, hot stone seats… soaking and relaxing like two teabags in a cup!
° G ame of Thrones. Did I already mention it? 😛
° H ot bath in my bathtub, with candles, lots of froth and a purple floating rubber duck
° I have a dragon in a jar. Again: I have a dragon in a jar! This “wins” “owns” “pwns” and all of it!!!
° L ots of sale products on MWW4U (untill they restock on 1st May): I placed my first order
° M r Faun and mythological creatures :)
° N ew kitties hidden somewhere
° O range juice with oranges, mandarins and lemons from Calabria, like drinking sun :)
° P izza, gelato, raspberry juice, 7 wonders, taboo and a very good new company 😀
° Q uick grocery shopping and find a lot of interesting stuff
° R emember my dreams, again, up to four per night o_O
° S tart preparing the Nook for a future cat friend with bowls, fake mice and catnip
° T railer: we already have an interesting list of movies we’d like to see in theaters (Dark Shadows, The Hunger Games, The Brave…)
° U nder the blankets, with a cup of hot herbal tea in hand, chatting together and making plans together ° V arious ways to save food from rotting using it quickly making orange juices, omelettes and some different recipes, some also invented last minute
° Zzz aka: sleeping, sleeping, sleeping

(PS: there is no J, K, W, X, Y because we don’t have those in italian, and trying to translate everything was quite hard… cut me some slack for these letters XD Otherwise I would have had a longer list in english, and that’s not fair U_U)

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4 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Aggiudicato per The Hunger Games! 😀

      Siamo andati alla Cascina Scova, avevamo ancora il buono ricevuto a Natale da usare! E devo dire che, vista la domenica piovosa e fredda, è stato piuttosto soddisfacente starsene al caldo!!!

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