Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction


I think I rescheduled explanations enough. I was a bit nervous to explain something I have to fully understand yet, and because I need references to redirect you to.

Of course you can google “Law of attraction” on your own and read through what you find, ’cause there’s plenty of websites dealing with this. The thing is that they sound accountables, but sometimes a bit too “over the top”.

It may be because I would like to share such a trust in the topic myself, but it seems there’s a lack of critical spirit: it works! always! anyways! for anything! Want a million-paying job? Attract it! Want a super-rare kitty without paying for it? Attract it! Want the love of your life shaped in a kitchen robot? Attract it too!
Call me sceptic but I find it hard to think Universe is there to grant my whishes… no, seriously, Universe… any idea of how it’s big? there you have it, we don’t know, so go figure!

I’m more prone to consider LoA more of a mindset you can put yourself in. “You’re calling it on you”, or “what matter is to believe”, or “if you think like this, this is what you’re going to get”, I’ve heard these words many times in my life, in many contests… Like in high school: “I’m worried, what if I blank out while being tested? If I mess it up and don’t remember anything to say?” if you think like this you’ll be nervous, and it will be easier to mess up! Or think about sport contests, it’s not unusual for the team that is almost last, and that have only that last game to save itself, to kick some a**es while playing against the “uber-team”… you can call it desperation, or maybe they “know” they have no other choice (or maybe it’s luck), but the almost-loosers have such a determination, such a focus, you can’t ignore it.

So, to clear it up, if you look close it’s all about a “thought” in us, a state of mind, an emotion.
The key is this: have the same feelings, thoughts and mindsets you would have if your whish was already granted.
Like focusing all your abilities to one single goal. No news here, uh?

But I’ve learned one thing, and I think it’s very important: don’t think about the process to reach your goal, don’t spend too much time thinking about “when it will come true”, don’t cuddle every single step you need to reach your goal, but enjoy your reached goal, your granted desire. Even if it still takes years.
If you focus only on what you have to do, if you think only “I’m going for a target”, you will keep yourself in that “going for”, instead of “having reached”. This difference may appear subtle, but if you think about it for a while I think it will clear up on it’s own.

I can’t grant you it will work with a car, and it definately doesn’t work like “whish upon a star” and then wait, but if we’re talking about (oh look! what an unusual example we do have here!) being more chilled during an exam, or other “psychological” stuff… I really think LoA is a useful tool.
(I think it’s useless to say, but it doesn’t matter how happy you feel when thinking about scoring the highest graduation on that exam… if you don’t study it’s hardly to get any graduation at all… plus I won’t feel any calm at all!)

To sum up:

-set a goal that is really important for you (if the attention fades out in the process, it meanit wasn’t so important)
-make clear how to reach it
-imagine how you would feel if you have reached it already, imagine well with “yay”s and “victory-dance” if needed (and remmber: think about the reached goal, not the work in progress)
-start working on it!

Now it sounds really lame, no news at all. But we often forget that simple things can be so helpful: taking action without the fear of failure makes you far more productive, isn’t it?

Let’s end this with a quote from a movie I’m going to see tonight:

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