21days n°3 – Tidy!


Your favourite human-guinea-pig (ehm… that would be me!) couldn’t believe it, but it actually happened.
I would have never believed I could keep my room tidy and neat for 21 consecutive days, but I managed to… and you know what’s even more stunning? I like it! And I want to keep it this way!

While I’m writing I can hear my mom’s voice, rightfully loud and bossy, saying “Told you!”
It’s a tad bit annoying… but I do feel like I’m some sort of hope for those who would like to be a little bit more tidy and neat.

It worked like this, two simple rules:
1) When I leave, leave the bedroom tidy
2) Put something back to its place once I’ve used it.
And then I added: set the stuff you need for the morning, in the evening.

Holy frig, it works! I mean IT WORKS!
No stress-related skin rash, no nevrotic idiosyncrasy, no control-freak personality disorders.
I’m fine, I feel fine!

I have to say that in the first days it was a pain in the ass, a true bore to force myself (yup, there’s no other way) to tidy up, to make my bed, in one word to respect the pact I made with myself. But it all became easier with time. Ok, I didn’t keep my bedroom always perfect, but in 21 days I think I deserve two days off… and after all I’m talking tidy, not “perfect”!

Do you know what really pushed me into this? My mom, she said with sarcasm “I give you five days, I want to see how long all this tidy-ness will last!”.
Ah! SEEN???
Now if only I could bottle this *prove* to people they’re wrong, I would drink it daily!

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