Being Positive

Let’s get this straight: if it’s a man, possibly old and terminal, talking about it, then he’s wise. If it’s a “kid” like me, then she’s naive. But let’s really say it: when the old wise man is speaking many listen, nod and praise his wisdom, then they go back doing exaclty what they did before, like nothing happened, or like they’ve been to just an enjoyable show.
But when the “kid” is talking, she’s immediately named naive, because the “kid” is just like anyone else, she grew up like them, she lives in their world, she has their same chances, she has their same health, she has their same free time to waste on the net, she’s privileged like them, in short she’s – odd but possible – exactly equal to them. So that they may end up asking themselves “why can’t I?”. It’s bothering, isn’t it?
There really is some sort of equation in people’s thoughts: cynical = rational.

But thinking positive, being optimists, doesn’t mean I believe in unicorns, I see everything through heart shaped glasses and I think I live over the rainbow.
If you want I can give you a list of things that are “wrong”, from pharmaceutical labels promoting only the research they’re interested, for money, into, to ice getting thinner, from children who starve to death, to the extinction of the bees, but what for? Nowadays you only need to talk about it, so you’ll look like you’re informed, up to date, concerned and stressed like anybody else. But in the end just talking about it won’t change anything, it’s like playing with “ohmygod” stuff without really dealing with it.

Because yes, it’s true, things go wrong and they can go worse.
But those same things going wrong may also go better, and it’s not about being naive, it’s about chances: fifty fifty.
And if you start thinking about it this way, you also start acting, doing something to help things get better.

And you know what? If you start behaving like this you may also start thinking that some things can do just fine already.

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