On my obscure past and introspective posts

Let’s start from the second part of the title
I know I’ve already written that I would write “again soon” about selfhelp and co, it’s true, I will, but right now I’m enjoying life and  I’ve got things to do, which is quite a central point to self help, but we’ll deal with this later on.

On to the first part of the title: I realized that, re-posting old posts and giving you just hints about them, while lightly referring to a undefined “past”, reading them on the blog etc, might feel like I had such an obscure past, such a traumatic and tragic teenagehood, befitted to the best romantic and formation novels -put together- well..
Yes and no, yes because I have been a teenager, no because its “tragedies” were nothing more nor less than anyone else’s, yes because during my first university years my whole world changed, no because it happens to everyone.
Basically and shortly: I wrote those posts to let thoughts run free, to practice some vocabulary, paraphrasing and sometimes making things that happened to me bigger than they really were just for the sake of writing. What really happened? Mostly people: people that I’ve found and lost, with whom I’ve argued, with whom I clashed, with whom I spent good days, broken friendships, wrong relationships, some yelling in the family, and in the end everyone just kept on walking on their own paths.

The point is that, just like a lot of other people, I learn life lessons only when I “smash my head on them”, which brings metaphorical broken noses and not-so-metaphorical pains… but I don’t know anyone who never went through the same, so don’t bother saying “Oh I’m sorry for you” we’re all on the same track 😉
When you’re a teenager anything that happens to you feels like it’s the end of the world, and everyone copes with it at their best, I’ve been lucky nothing really tragic happened, now that a few years has gone by I do realize it, and I see that it has an happy teenagehood, after all… The first years at university saw me changing completely… but it happens to everyone and those posts helped me sort my thought out, let some “malaise” out (if you say it in french it sounds more chic… see?).

That’s all.

Now I’m recovering them because I like to, maybe because with them I can indulge in self assurance (ehi, some are really bad but I still find some written quite well!), and also because they help me to not forget the lessons I’ve learned, to recover some aspects of my temper I still can use.

So this is it, in the end no obscure secret, no magical recipe to stop looking inwards and writing posts about that, I’m sorry to disappoint you.
Now go out and smell the roses… who cares if it’s october, I’ve found some sweet smelling blooms, go on, go out! You can go!

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6 thoughts on “On my obscure past and introspective posts

  1. Sheireen

    Non a caso, sabato ho comprato una piantina di rose per la nuova casa! ^.^
    Hai scritto un post molto maturo.. c’è gente che, alla nostra età (mi pare che siamo più o meno coetanee) ancora crede di aver vissuto le peggio tragedie durante l’adolescenza (parlo di persone normalissime, che non hanno subito gravi traumi).. forse perché non ne è ancora uscito! :)

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Guarda, gli adolescenti nel corpo dei trentenni stanno iniziando ad essere troppi, forse è FB che incita alla lamentela pubblica… sigh…
      Comunque grazie, prendo il tuo commento come un complimento :)
      Io ho quasi 27 anni, toi? ^^

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