Amélie July 13, 2005

*Quick note, before I leave you to a new piece of my writing past: I know that if you look at the dates this one is slightly older than the last one I’ve published, but don’t worry… I’m just beginning to introduce some characters, if I may talk about characters at all! I find all of this extremely teenager-like (even though I was 20…), yet I’m fancying this repurposal :) I hope you will like it to!*

Amélie is an angry girl, and when she’s angry she cries; Amélie is a sad girl, and when she’s sad she screams

Sitting at a baroque mirror, she gazes herself drinking alcohol from a glass of glass, smudging her face and wearing lipstick again, again

Today she looks like she’s from a fairytale: depressed hair, ring to her eyes and inflated face, not her best and she keeps drinking alcohol from the glass of glass and wearing a lipstick she ran out of

Amélie is hurt, by invisible cuts, Amélie is sad, fake smiles, fake caresses, fake compliments burn like acid; Amélie would like to rebel, but her mouth feels like sewn…

little ragdoll with a smudged lipstick

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