Musa’s Box

Here we go with a new thursday list! What’s a Musa’s Box? Click here to find out

° pizza pizza pizza pizza, home made one most of all, eaten with family most of all
° a beautiful sunny day with new girls, being well
° meet Linda Maglionico and Phyllis Currot :) (teaching swears, high five-ing, and some more serious stuff :P)
° a dinner with tequila and red wine
° speaking two languages for an entire day, and in the evening ending up speaking a mixture of the two
° curses and swears in all the idioms
° the bodhran of the beer
° Mr Faun who’s too good to me 😛
° stupid websites
° midnight biking
° shower!
° Deimos on air on the radio and online on blabbermouth and thousands other websites *_*
° Pavia like a ghost town at 7 am of a sunday morning
° cut my own hair and doing a good job
° henna!!! Finally after ages I’m a redhead again, smelling like hay and liquorice *_*
° long, potentially uncomfortable emails, stuffed with “jellybean kitty footsies”!
° playing Game of Thrones drinking game, with a couple of Desperados
° stuffed zucchini, grated in the oven, with a made up recipe
° my Etsy shop finally open! Carnival Oubli
° changing to summer wardrobe and decluttering a lot (even though I could declutter even more… but we’ll see in september 😉 )
° entomological discussion “Ok, I’d say that plumpy fuzzy bees are cute and fun… though skinny acid wasps, I hate them” … “plumpy fuzzy” adorable! XD
° getting ready for Paris!!!
° mythological creatures

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