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This list is basically going to be a list of all the nice times I had in vacation, ahh eighteen beautiful days!

beach, seaside, waves, summer, estate, spiaggia, mare, onde, sabbia

° the sea, finally visible at the horizon
° figs
° the smell of the Mediterrean
° the “Bergotto” drink
° phonecalls had during our car trip
° a new opportunity I’m very happy about
° the first swim, the water was so fresh and blue, then relaxing on the beach, in the shadow
° an epic nap
° the hammam, it’s always so comfortable and always smells so good
° the acqua colour of the water
° going to the beach, swimming, sun(under the beach-umbrella)bathing: it made my skin better and my dark circles go away in, like, an afternoon!!!
° artisanal beer and local snacks ^^
° cannoli with ricotta, freshly made and crunchy
° the deep, solid turquoise in the sky, the clear beach, the sound of waves, the green crystalline water, reading at the beach, drying up in the sun and wind, salt crusting on your skin, radicate with the sand, meditate with the waves, floating listening to waves and heartbeat, forgetting about everything: the deepest relax ever
° daily updates about Clothilde, she was really looked after and well cared (thank you uncle Fla)
° a stormy day, it refreshed everything and the aire smelled of water and mint
° Sa cuddling me when I’m sick
° feeling better (afterwards :D)
° pizza with a good beer, one of those that “taste like bread”
° a visit to Reggio Calabria, it’s such a beautiful city
° the smell of Calabria, like myrth, like jams and dry dirt
° snacking on Bergotto and “calia” (toasted chickpeas)
° endless games of Mario Kart and gin rummy
° realizing that half an hour at the beach, with wind, sun and waves, relaxes me more than a week at a spa!
° body moisturizer samples to try on during holiday, and everytime having the chance to smell differently (Iris by Erbolario, soooo gooooood!)
° strawberry sorbet bodywash
° making a list of things to do when I’ll be back
° last but not least (the thing is… it was the last thing that happened just before we left for home) becoming aunt and uncle, finally seeing what our niece looks like = BEAUTIFUL U_U
° seeing the sunrise while road tripping
° our home, our nook, fresh, and quiet, and Clothilde all purring and asking for cuddles (despite everybody telling us “She’ll be a total bitch, to punish you for leaving for so long!”)
° my potted plants, that somehow managed to survive
° the gray, chilly weather, somewhat autumn-like, it was a good and soft welcome back, made of pasta and naps
° vanilla candles
° cooking again, simple and light things
° this breakfast: grapefruit juice, a banana and a strong black tea
° not being afraid of wanting something big, wanting it badly, having a goal, keeping my fingers crossed
° patent tangerine leather flats with a bow, they were my mom’s but she passed them over, they are so summery, they make summer seem longer
° a “autumn-y” necklace that makes me wish for herbal teas, cinnamon and a lighting the fireplace
° training at home with Mario Kart, unlocking a thing or two :)
° toasted bread
° our fourth anniversaty
° mythological creatures

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