New Year’s Resolutions and Pink Floyd

Every year everyone goes nuts for resolutions. I’m no less, but, in time, I’ve learned that, instead of keeping rewriting that same resolution that stays the same since new year’s day in ’98, it’s better not get too delusional, just to figure out what you would like to have from the new year.

Most of all I’ve learned that that feeling of new beginning, of clean slate, of energy and willpower and endless projects does not depend on my calendar page, but on how I feel about it. And that, just like anything else in life, you have to take yourself not too seriously and with a pinch of irony.

new year resolution depressed

Buoni propositi: Salutare ogni giorno con entusiasmo!

Then here and there I’ve collected some wise advice, that now I’m sharing with you:

1) Write few resolutions, of things you really really want
2) If you can, instead of writing down a wish, write down an affirmation, it’s good for your mood to hear repeated “This year I’m sparkly” instead of “I’d like to wear earrings everyday” (I’m improvising here, please play along πŸ˜‰ )
3) If you can revise it monthly, or better yet write them month by month… In january it could be “I’ll get my knee checked”, february “I’ll buy new running shoes” and in march, when finally the weather is ok it will be “I’m going running once a week”… Splitting down a daunting task in smaller tasks and keeping it real and humble is incredibly helpful.
4) Most of all, if you can, pick some images and write your resolution on it. You can print it or cut it out from a magazine, make it supercool with photoshop or write on it with a sharpie, it doesn’t matter how. What matters is that the image resonates with you immediately on the topic of your resolution, it’s more effective this way than just reading over and over the same line, it speaks to your subconscious. Then pin it where you see it constantly, on your corkboard, as a bookmarker, in your wallet, on the fridge, anywhere works.


Buoni propositi di Chuck: 1. Perdere peso 2. Sposare Scarlett Johansson 3. Trovare la perduta cittΓ  di Atlantide.
Se devo fallire voglio fallire alla grande.

To explain myself better I’ve made one that you can save and print, and it’s about something that I guess is good for everyone, anytime πŸ˜‰

The original image is from this post on DesignSponge (cool idea BTW πŸ˜‰ ).

Cheesy? Maybe… but this is exactly why new year’s resolutions have to be personal and handmade!

So, since today I’m feeling generous, here’s a little list of resourceful links to craft your own new year’s affirmation:

Weheartit, Pinterest and Google Images to find cool images (of course it’s for personal use, otherwise you have to quote the source or even buy the stock image… but I don’t think you’re going to sell your affirmation/resolution, are you?!)
GIMP, free image manipulation program, it takes a little bit of time to get good at it, but then it’s endless possibilities (and it doesn’t take muck to add a text layer πŸ˜‰ )!
Dafont, to download free fonts to write beautifully with on your images

And that’s it, you’re done!

So… What do Pink Floyd have to do with this, you might ask… This morning they enlightened me (no, I did not smoke pot, I just had my regular breakfast with tea and apple pie… unless my mom’s ginger is not ginger-ginger, I had no intake of quirky substances), I was thinking about “Wish you were here”, which is a song both sad and mean.
A peculiar line striked a chord in me it’s (with cuts) “Do you think you can tell? Cold comfort for change?”… And I thought that a new year’s resolution can also be something different from a positive sentence or a wish, it can be anything that pushes you to see the truth, to change up things if needed, that makes you uncomfortable.

I think I’m gonna paste this one onto my wall.

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