Christmas presents ideas

Today it’s a holiday, we’re making our christmas tree, I’ll also go spend some time at the Christmas stall market, to soak in some pretty.


It’s true, Christmas presents are a bummer, a capitalist concept, “after all if I want to make a present to someone I don’t need the excuse of Christmas”. True. But I never do, so I catch up with Christmas.
And btw I do it just for very very few, close people.

Who already have everything. We all have already everything. We don’t “need” anything anymore, we just have things “we like”, but we don’t always know what they are (or we don’t always have the budget it takes, for example: my cousin would like an iPhone 4… no matter if “she’s content” with an old version, anyway that’s out of my budget!!! XD).

So I thought of a list of things that people always love to get, generally, anyone, come on, you can’t deny it 😛

Maybe I’m getting older, but the idea of giving or getting food… well, I like it. Wether it is a bag of home made cookis, a box of chocolates, a basket of oranges brought to you straight from Calabria (sooooooo friggin’ good, let me tel you!), a basket filled with all kind of traditional and non traditional treats and items, or bottles of wine and alcohol (unless it’s for a child), I think anyone would love these.
There are good things, yummy things, things to impress guests with… or just things that fill up your pantry and you don’t need to go grocery shopping which, in my opinion, is quite a gift in itself!

I think of Dumbledore in front of the mirror of erised, he says he’s holding a pair of socks, that no one ever thinks of gifting the dean of Hogwarts simple socks. There… a nice pair of warm socks, or anti-slippery socks, or scotland thread socks, or socks with reindeers on them… there are so many socks out there that you are bound to find some for everyone… and no one feels “obliged” to wear them because no one is going to ask their friends to take off their shoes at the restaurant to check 😛

I know, it’s my comfort zone or whatever. But I truly believe you can find a book that suits everyone, included those who say “I don’t like to read” (I’m sorry, I don’t have those words in my vocabulary, it doesn’t exist in my world, maybe you simply never found the right thing to read) “I’m slow, it’s boring, it’s hard”… sweetie… practice makes perfect, and it’s not a race, take your time, who cares?!

So, there you go, go wrapping now 😛

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