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Surprise surprise, this morning I’ve found a comment by L, from Downshifting per caso (downshifting by chance) telling me I’ve won this:

I’m obviously happy and I’m obviously bragging about it with this posto U_U But it also made me think about something.

If you search a little on how to improve blog &co one of the first tips you read is “choose a main topic, a niche of readers you can write to”. They say so to make your blog stand out among the others, to make it a reference point.

But I don’t like it… I like to write about books, recipes, silly things and everyday stuff… so a versatile blog award is very welcome!

Anyway, enough chatting, it works like this: seven things about me that you don’t know and some links to other blogs (it should be 15 but I don’t know as many, I’ll make it up for it… link of yours? ^_^)

1) I can make candles with ice
2) I can move my ears
3) THe oldest memory I have is from when I was 2 (but my parents say it’s impossible that I remember that…)
4) I can’t stand bad smells and stinks, they bother me far more than noises
5) I have a birthmark that shows up on my hand only when I tan a little
6) My “obsession” with dragons is something more of a nerd thing, it starts from a dream I had almost 7 years ago… (and if you have a chance sometimes click on the eggs here on the side, so they hatch :) )
7) I can (ok, I colud) play the piano

ONow it’s the blogs… the other time I linked to three of them, today I’m addng three more :)

Facets of the fabulous
(S)Kazzi miei
Volevamo solo


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