Artist tips Mr Faun doesn’t know he taught me

I’ll keep up with themood set by my creativity post, and I thought about some things I’ve learned from Mr Faun, even though he doesn’t know he taught me so.

I’ll save you any fluffy moment and I’ll go straight to the point. Well, the points:

  1. do one thing at a time… and finish it
  2. as soon as you have some spare time, apply to it
  3. if you’re really tired, have some rest
  4. do only what pleases you, if you don’t have fun with it, it has no sense doing
  5. at some point declare your work done, otherwise you could work on it endlessly
  6. ask for opinions and listen to them, but if you’re satisfied with your outcome, just trust your guts
  7. share with as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible too
  8. start somewhere, anywhere, keep trying, you’ll improve doing
  9. when you have an idea write it down IMMEDIATELY
  10. keep your working tools always at hand

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