How to get back from a slump

Have you ever been in a slump-y day? That then becomes a week… or an entire slump-y period of time? No? Just me? Oh well, if it ever comes to you, here’s what to do to make things change. For better of course!

I think you’ve noticed that this month, except June Photo a day Challenge photos and Musa’s Boxes, there hasn’t been much up. Well (I mean, it’s not well, but please follow me…) this doesn’t mean I’ve been depressed, that something bad happened to me or that I had nothing to do or to say.

On the contrary! I’ve been out and about, met friends, went to see movies, organized stuff. Basically: the norm. Too bad that when I stopped for little while I had a mood on me that can be described only by sound: “Meh…!”.
Which is totally ok for a day. For more days you can blame hormones, weather, vitamin need.
But then that’s it. Enough.

Then you get bored of being bored and boring, am I right?

That’s why I’ve decided to spend an entire day doing other things, changing up my routine a little (here’s the thing: a “meh” moment can happen at university, when you have no classes and no tests, for how incredible that may sound, or at work when you repeat the same things for months and you can’t say out loud that you’d like to change, or simply being at home, suddenly).

So what are we to do?

1) Change breakfast, if you don’t have it, for once have breakfast. I’ve switched from my usual milk+cereals to strawberry juice and bread+nutella.

2) Take a bath with bath salts and a rubber duckie. And maybe scented candles, a scrub and all this kind of cuddles.

3) Dress up, all dolled up, makeup included. Yes, also if all you plan to do is to vacuum the carpet. I won’t hear no excuses.

4) Go for a walk, or a ride! (I think I’ll name my bike Daisy).

5) Go to the park, sit on the grass with a good smothie (strawberries and peaches) and a good book (A Dance with Dragons – spoiler alert :P).

6) Take a stroll in the city, look at it as if you were a tourist, even though it’s always the same streets, even though your lunch break lasts always that long (or short!), you might see painters in the square, a Charlie Chaplin in the street, eat a slice of pizza (none of this has been photographed, mea culpa, I was enjoying the moment!).

7) Anyway anyhow get out of the house, make up stuff to do: I went to the mail office and to the train station to buy tickets for this weekend. Pijama party like there’s no tomorrow.

8) Tidy up your desk. Come on, go on, I know it needs it (Note: I am incredibly messy and usually I don’t bother messy, I find everything anyway, but there are times like these when outside mess is actually a reflection of my inner mess, so some tidying up it’s all for good).

9) Pretty-fy something, something you use daily and that looks a tad too serious. Of course here “pretty-fy” means “make it incredibly kitschy”.

10) Call a friend or two, just to chat. Well, you could also call your mother, chat-therapy+good action= WIN!

11) For those of you who have the worst slump you also need some “Squee-therapy”, which means look up the net for pics and gifs so cute that you might find yourselves, please excuse my french, shitting rainbows.

(PS in the event you prefer a selection of kittens, then it will be called “Jellybeantoes-therapy”, all rights reserved U_U)

10) Close up the day eating icecream, or anything yummy, chilling while watching something fun.

11) Make a blogpost out of it! 😛

So, do you think it might work? I do!

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7 thoughts on “How to get back from a slump

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Ahahah sìììì! Non vedevo l’ora di usarla da quando avevo visto una vignettina con un unicorno e l’epica scritta “I’m so fucking happy I could shit rainbows” *_*
      Troppo bello poterla finalmente usare nel momento giusto! 😀

  1. yliharma

    ahhhhhhhhhhh questa lista me la segno eh? mi capitano sti periodi “meh”, soprattutto per colpa del lavoro…
    “gommino-terapia” XD in questi giorno sto facendo la catsitter a due puffoli gomminosi e una in particolare si fa fare i grattini a pancia all’aria…stasera attuo la terapia d’urto XD

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