Desdemona april 15, 2006

“Come, we have to celebrate!” says Angelica, smiling… Angelica is smiling! lightly, her eyes are smiling too, the dark and dangerous grin sleeping on the bottom of her iris.

“You’re dressed in black Angelica! How comes?”

“I’ve learned the fertility and the relief of the shadow, that’s why”

“What about your beloved white?”

“That’s my ruthless colour, it’s not suited for today!”

And I’m celebrating, I’m joining in the games, still a little suspended like in the last few days, aware.

Aware that I did well to listen to Angelica and Amelie, since the beginning, aware that I Saw it right, since the beginning, it isn’t always that useful to know things from the start, but it lets you feel good afterwards. Even though, suspended, a little joy, a little revelation…

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