Nerd School

Let’s go ahead in this direction!
You don’t born nerd, you become 😛

And the easiest way is to use the internet: I didn’t want to write untrue things on my resume -like 95% of the people do- so I looked on the net to fix this.

Again, the magical words are “tutorial”, “guide” and “how to”.
Of course you have to couple these with the name of the program you want to learn.

So I’m linking you my favourite ones, the ones I used to… and please know that the only way to learn this kind of things is practicing! At least one day from now you won’t be that kind of parent calling your offspring asking things like “how do I turn down the volume?”… for the 25th time in a row!

Excel Is Fun
A whole youtube channel to learn Excel!
The “Excel Basics” is going to give you all the knowledge about all the stuff an office will ever ask you. Any single thing is explained in a specific video, you can download the workbook free, and follow along with the video.
Then if you want to go super excel you just have to keep watching!
I also have Calc from Openoffice, it’s almost the same, you just have to get used to the commands different positions, then you may do the same things!

Gimp Guide
Rejoyce, there is a way to learn to smooth out your skin in pictures, or recover those fantastic colours, that turned out a little washed out. Look for what you need to know and follow the instructions. Maybe with a little adaptation because Gimp versions are different… or with Photoshop, again commands may be placed differently, but the functions are always the same!

Anything guide
This is the first time it happens to me, but I have a resource in italian while not having a “dupe” in english. But don’t worry, dear old google is there to help you with the magical words I gave you and any (and more) of the following: want to know how to blog? how to write a newsletter? what’s HTML? what’s CSS language? Just go ahead, search for it ;).

Here’s the point: tryouts, try again, ruin it all, make horrible stuff, keep a notebook with notes if you want (I did… too nerd?), learn the magic keyboard shortcuts (oh how I love them!)… you don’t need to learn the periodic table of elements, but there is always something good to learn from all these brainy people, who are so generous to give us all this knowledge for free!

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